Don’t Punish the Good

Today, I’m looking at the Super Tuesday II results.  I’m embarrassed at what I see.  For the first time in my adult life, I can’t believe I’m actually hanging my political hopes on New York, California, Pennsylvania and Indiana to do the right thing.

I think there are many who will abstain from voting should “The Candidate I will not Name” get the nomination.  In fact, I think that it’ll make Romney’s purported “4 Million Missing Conservative Voters” looks like a minor blip.  I will, most likely, be a part of that pool.

As a person who will abstain out of conscience, I have a few comments.

  1. Do not punish the good candidates on the ballot.  Many times, the top of the ticket determines the outcome of an election.  That doesn’t need to be so.  There are many Congressional, Senatorial, State and Local candidates that are solid, doing the work they’ve been sent to do.  Show up at the polls, and cast your vote for them.
  2. At minimum, research the various 3rd party candidates. We Americans, regardless of our party affiliation, should research all candidates. At one time, the Federalist Party and then the Whig Party were the dominant parties.  The Democrat Republican Party, and then the Democrat Party & Republican Party, replaced them. History says that, while America will probably remain a two-party system, those two parties will be replaced.
  3. If you choose to leave the top spot open (I may), vote for “other,” and fill in a name. If the 2000 election taught us anything, it taught us that election judges and poll watchers are given great latitudes in determining the “will of the voter.”  In Florida, many blanks were ultimately counted because judges determined the “intention of the voter” based on the rest of the ballot.
  4. Don’t sit this election out. As I said in my first bullet, there will be many good candidates on the ballot, and they deserve our vote.

2016 is a big election.  One the country can recover, but one in which both parties are again seeking their soul.  May they both find their bearings once again.




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