Pray About Everything – A Review

“…as likeminded believers pray together, God knits our hearts together in deeper affection and empowers us to accomplish his work” – Pray About Everything

When given the opportunity to read Pray About Everything, I was very interested.  Personally, I feel that, unfortunately, my prayer life is lacking, and I was excited to read a book to help me build this discipline.  I was not disappointed.


First, I am a fan of Jerry Bridges – I have learned much from him – and, since he wrote the forward, I was more willing to give this book a shot. Additionally, Mark Dever endorsed this book, and that added more credibility.



I was pleasantly surprised by the content.  Paul Tautges focuses more on corporate prayer instead of focusing on personal prayer. For whatever reason, fewer authors write about this topic.  His format gives a series of devotionals that would work well for corporate prayer meetings, and I found these to be particularly helpful.

The content does have a slight secessionist feel, and that disappointed me.  This is a minor criticism, as the rest of the content was very valuable.

I would encourage pastors and small group leaders with teaching responsibilities to look at this book. The devotionals are tailorable, and I think the format and content is beneficial.

I received a preview copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  


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